Hours & Fees


Monday – Thursday from 7AM  to 7PM

Friday 7AM to 6PM

Saturday 9AM to 3 PM

Saturday (massage by appointment only) 9AM to 3 PM


We can try to direct bill for Physiotherapy to your insurer if you are with:

Sun Life

Great West Life

Standard Life

Manulife Financial

Johnson Inc.

Industrial Alliance

Equitable Life


Initial Assessment: $70 (one body area)

 Car Accidents: Initial Assessment: $215 (multiple body areas and documentation); consultation fees ( phone, e-mail or in person ) $250 per hour

Subsequent visits: $50 (one body area based on 30 min.)

*includes one or more of the following: el.currents, ultrasound, low intensity laser, home exercise program, patient’s education, cold or heat applications

In clinic exercise pogram


Shock (Acoustic) Wave Therapy

$ 100 per treatment per body area ( most treatment protocols are 3-5 sessions )

TECAR or Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy

$100 per body area

High Intensity Laser 

$100 per treatment per body area

Lymph Drainage

$50 per 30 minutes

TheraLase (super pulsed laser) – TLC 1000

$50 per treatment per body area

TheraLase (super pulsed laser) – TLC 2000

$100 per treatment per body area

Spinal Decompression Therapy


Spinal Manipulation (adjustments)


Joint mobilization and passive tissue manipulation  (hands-on)


Classic Acupuncture


(first asessment visit and treatment is $70)

Scalp Acupuncture


(first assssment visit and treatment is $80)

Hydrotherapy and Thermotherapy

 Sauna OR steam: $50 a session for 30 min

Massage Therapy

1 hour massage – $85.00

45 minutes – $70.00

30 minutes – $55.00

Custom Foot Orthotics


$500 a pair of custom orthotics

Incudes: Gait Scan, Initial assessmen, Bio-mechanical Analysis and Dispensing Fee


$300 a pair of custom orthotics

*Initial Assessment and Gait Scan: $70

*Bio-mechanical Analysis and Education: $50

* Dispensing Fee: $ 80

Custom Knee Braces


Compression Hosiery

20-30 mmHg Moderate Support Hosiery

Men’s Trouser Socks – $70

Unisex Knee-High Stockings – $80

Unisex Thigh-High Stockings – $95

Unisex Pantyhose – $95

Unisex Core-Spun Socks – $85

We also carry the 30-40 mmHg Firm Support Hosiery



* Direct billing for MVA (car accident ) and  WSIB ( work related injuries ) is at different rates determined by the insurer.